Statement of Hilarie Orman's Candidacy for the IACR Board of Directors

I'm running for the IACR because it is a great organization that can continue to be great through effective leadership. It has been my pleasure to serve as archivist for the past 15 years (archive) and to have very recently started the (historic papers) project. These activities reflect my focus on publications as one of the IACR's most important activities, one that has immense influence on cryptology research around the world.

Another pillar of the IACR's strength comes from its effective and conservative financial management. As a director I will be diligent in protecting and leveraging the financial strength as well as the intellectual strength.

The IACR has strengthened its communication with members over the past several years, and I would like to see this continue in ways that engage the members more directly with the organization. It is an ongoing process, and it would be an honor to have the trust and support of the membership to help guide the IACR.

My full CV is here.